WayBack Wednesday! Kendall Wheeler Appears OnCover of Edition 31 – The Beach Buggy Edition

#WayBack it well may be, however we remember the day as it it were yesterday!

Gorgeous model Kendall Wheeler turned up to Stockton Beach along with the also gorgeous models, Kahili Blundell and Skye Kamholtz, for the shoot of Edition 31 – The Beach Buggy Edition! It was May 2010, and he weather was closer to a Summer’s day than it would have been for a typical mid-May season.

With the Sygna Wreck in the background, Kendall’s photos were a perfect set for the theme.

We were also joined on that day by three buggies from the local Buggy club with the superb Blue Manx Buggy being made available to us for the day!

You can see more of the girls in Edition 31 after registration to our website.

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