Tickford have announced that from 2018, they will participate in the V8 supercars series and have a race team under the banner of Tickford Racing. Currently known as Prodrive Racing Australia (PRA), the Tickford brand has been synonymous with performance enhancement to performance Fords in Australia for a long time, and is now taking that technology back to it’s racing roots with the V8 Supercar series.

This comes as great news for Tickford fans who remember the days of Ford Performance Racing (FPR) and Ford Tickford Engineering. Team principle Tim Edwards summarised it in this way ;

“PRA was born out of FPR which was born out of FPV, which was born out of Tickford! All the way along, this race business was setup to compliment the road car business and we’ve gone full circle and brought the road car business back to the track!”

Livery and car design is yet to be announced.

You can follow the evolution of Tickford at their Facebook page HERE

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