Sneak Peek; Sydney’s Premium Escort Samantha X is Coming Soon in Edition 71

She’s Australia’s premium escort, Samantha X, who has just released her follow-up book to her best seller “Hooked”. The second book, “Back on Top: Confessions of a High Class Escort”, is set to go the same way as it tells of her struggle with a love that has turned toxic.

“Back on Top is about my struggle in a toxic relationship with a client”, she says.

“I thought it was love, but I now realise I was struggling in an extremely toxic relationship with someone I thought loved me. I wanted to share the message out there to women that no matter how strong and empowered you are, like I thought I was, you can still end up in an abusive relationship”.

The book is available now at all good book stores, and via this link!

See more of Samantha X and her Samantha X Angels, in Edition 71 – The Samantha X Angels Edition early September!


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