The Best Ever, Mayweather is also the Smartest Ever Defeating McGregor in 10 Rounds!

To the surprise of some, and the expectation of others, Floyd Mayweather defeated Connor McGregor with a Technical Knock Out (TKO), in the 10th round of their mega-money title fight in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

It was the biggest drawing card and financially the most successful fight in boxing history. Neither Mohamad Ali’s Thriller in Manila nor the many other magnificent examples of boxing came close in terms of tickets sales and Main Event engagement.

But what did we actually see ?

Was there really the expectation that the loud mouthed, foul mouthed, and bullying tactics of UFC champ Connor McGregor would play out as successful strategy against the seasoned and undefeated Floyd Mayweather?

And let’s say that it did play out that way .. would that have been the precursor to the sports evolution that all boxing, or all sports fans would want ? Is it really appropriate that someone albeit successful in one sport target someone in another with slander, and rapid fire insults as if it were a rap song ? Just to challenge him to title fight ?

The answer would have to be No! The appropriate way is by engaging the managers and promoters and doing it with some class.

There was no question about McGregor’s power. That’s evident all over the UFC fights he’s deservedly won in what is an illustrious career to date for the 29 yr old fighter. But that sport is a completely different sport to Boxing.

UFC is closer to a street fight; fast, aggressive, elbows out, drop your opponent in any way including wrestling him to the ground, and once down, follow through to pound your opponent into submission!

Boxing on the other hand is a sport of strategy, endurance and most certainly also power, but power that is harnessed, controlled and intelligent!

Mayweather was drawn out of retirement to fight an aggressive opponent, the face or representative of UFC as a whole, and fit athlete, 11 yrs his junior! A gutsy move! But also, as history has recorded, a very smart move!

What Mayweather brought into the ring, was a Knock Out Master’s masterclass in the science and strategy of boxing. Mayweather lived up to his word that the fight would not go the distance and that he would knock out McGregor. McGregor therefore, did not live up to his word to knock out Mayweather in the first 2 to 4 rounds!

What Mayweather did, was cleverly work McGregor into a cul-de-sac of exhaustion from which there was no return! He completely disregarded McGregor’s extensive reach and power, to take everything he gave and feed it back to him with dignity, poise and focus. The champ outclassed his opponent in every way.

What we all witnessed today, was the conclusion of a very smart and extremely well managed career. Mayweather’s stats are amazing for any athlete let alone any boxer ! He entered the ring with 49 wins and no losses, to clock over another making it 50 wins and no losses!

Despite the McGregor camp trying to make this out to be a Rocky #1 story, it was nothing of the sort. It was more akin to a thug drawing out a champ in attempt to take his glory!

But Mayweather’s speed, timing, foot work and experience won the day.

When asked if he would return from retirement once again, Mayweather answered no. And why would he? At 50-0 he is recorded in history as the most undefeated champ forever. He earns a purse of USD$300Mil from this fight and he was already well off before hand. There is no amount of money worth the risk of putting that on the line and Mayweather is smart enough to know that this is the time to hang the gloves.

In his own words, he chose the `perfect dance partner for this song’.

Mayweather calls himself The Best Ever (TBE), and tonight we saw that proven. But we also learned, that he is also the Smartest Ever!






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