Sneak Peek – Edition 46, The West Coast Swimsuit Edition

Edition 46 publish date announced as 4th January.

Edition 46, the West Coast Swimsuit Edition is due for public launch on Friday the 4th January 2013.

This is the final of a two set West Coast package that included the popular 2013 West Coast Swimsuit Model Calendar and now  Edition 46, The West Coast Swimsuit Edition.

But this is a sneak peek at this stage .. so questions remain .. who will be the cover girl ? Will all 12 girls from the calendar make an appearance here as well ? What cars are included ?

We can say that all girls from the Calendar will make an appearance, however three were chosen to fill the standard positions of Covergirl and Feature girl *2.

We can say that the regular departments remain; Motorsport coverage, SuperCar coverage, Press Releases for new unveilings and ofcourse lots of girls, including Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Calendar Covergirl, Kate Upton.

Our three girls are; Courtney Piercy, Kierina Gaston and Sharon Melody.

Enjoy the few sneak pics below, and make sure you’re a registered member to be able to download Edition 46 with much more pics of each girl plus cars. All back-issues are available to members also (Note: basic membership is free).


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