Taste A Shot of Aston Martin On Ice!

If you could liquefy and ferment any of the gorgeous 2017 Aston Martin models – The Rapid S, or the Vanquish for example – what an incredibly smooth aperitif it would be !

And indeed if you were to add ice, the flavour would soar from the glass enhanced by the cooler temperatures! Of course it would likely be shaken and not stirred and definitely cocktail worthy of James Bond!

To some degree, the team at Aston Martin have done that; well .. without the liquefying and fermenting perhaps!

This is the `ON ICE’ program which takes place annually and in the video below, showing highlights of the New Zealand On Ice event from August of 2017.

Aston Martin’s spectacular 2017 New Zealand On Ice programme took place in August in a unique ice environment at The Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground.

Providing over 50 guests with first hand experience of the only ice driving facility in the Southern Hemisphere, this unique programme offered an exhilarating adventure exploring Aston Martin like never before, pushing the cars to their limits against breath-taking New Zealand backdrops.

The next On Ice event will be in Kokkaido in 2018 and you can register HERE or at the link below .

REGISTER FOR HOKKAIDO ON ICE 2018: https://www.astonmartinartofliving.com/experience/hokkaido-on-ice/

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