New 280Km/h Highway Patrol Cars for NSW Cops in 2018

A spokesperson for the NSW Police today announced that they are expected to place a substantial order for procurement of the Chrysler 300SRT V8 sedans.

This is of course the high performance four door sedan which has been produced for Australia for some time, and fills the void left by Ford’s Falcon and Holden’s Commodore.

At a buy price of $65,000, the 300 Patrol Car will of course be a basic version of the luxury predecessor, however will maintain the 350Kw, 6.4Ltr engine and the 20 inch alloy wheels.

At the moment, Chrysler claim a to speed for the 300 at 280Km/h which is bound to be tested on the NSW highways and freeways!

Some industry experts see this as a saviour for Chrysler and in particular the 300SRT which they say, has been declining in sales recently.

“Contrary to recent reports, Chrysler 300 right-hand drive production will continue,” says Lucy McLellan, Fiat Chrysler Australia director of corporate communications. “Locally, our focus for Chrysler 300 and the SRT variants will be on conquest fleet business in 2018.”

“In Australia, we always look to special editions and buzz models to keep products fresh and interesting in market and will be presenting a number of these for the Jeep brand in 2018.”

In addition to the 300 SRT, it is understood that the NSW Police department has also placed orders for the $121,600 BMW 530d. This is more a limousine style that has luxury, comfort and fuel economy but drops the 300’s speed and performance.

As they say in the classics, we will have to wait and see!

However if the NSW Police wanted to get serious, the image below of a 2018 Mustang would be a scary site on the highways!

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