2012 autobabes Magazine Model of the Year and SuperCar of the Year

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We celebrate our winners in the category of 2012 Model of the Year and SuperCar of the Year !

Welcome to `Lucky 13′ (2013) readers !

And of course, we welcome you all to Edition 46 – The West Coast Swimsuit Edition. This is the second and final part of a two part package that resulted from our hugely successful tour of Perth in November of 2012.

The first part of that package was of course the 2013 West Coast Swimsuit Calendar which features 12 of Perth’s most gorgeous girls, and the edition you’re currently reading completes the set.

But more on the West Coast calendar and the gorgeous girls that make that up later in this edition. For now, we have the extremely difficult but nevertheless enjoyable task of selecting our Top 5 models from 2012 and giving one of them the title of 2012 autobabes i-Magazine Model of the Year !

Of course the 2011 title went to Lana Dealessi, who was our absolutely stunning London based cover girl of Edition 36 – The International Edition.

Any one of our girls are eligible for this title, regardless of whether they appeared on cover or in feature. It’s not necessarily a beauty contest, but an over-all package of their beauty, their feminine sexuality and their personalities. Their interaction with our social network is also very important. It’s extremely difficult to choose and sometimes the order for top 5 comes down to the smallest of differences and margins.

The autobabes i-Magazine 2012 Model of the Year

For the 2012 published series, we award the title to Edition 43 cover model, Nicole Woodland !

Nicole was a popular model on our Website and Facebook pages and was fun to work with on an Autumn afternoon in Sydney. With a range of gorgeous expressions, from a beaming smile to a sultry pout, Nicole can cover a range of styles.

In a very close 2nd place is Edition 41 cover model, Gold Coast based Melissa Jordan ! We flew Melissa to Sydney for the cover shoot and we thank her for starting off our 2012 with her gorgeous beauty and personality.

In 3rd place is Edition 43 feature model Emma Dulcie who shared our photo session with Nicole Woodland. Emma is a very unique model with a strong personality and a sexy tattooed presence that the camera loves. As did our fans.

In 4th place is Edition 45 Sydney based feature model Ellise Doctor. Ellise embodied the theme of Sexy Sports and came well prepared with her own styling. She was fun, open to ideas and took direction very well to produce gorgeous sports photos for that edition.

In 5th place, is stunning Edition 45 cover model Jasmine Tai ! Jasmine has one of the most beautiful faces in the glamour industry and was a pleasure to work with on this long anticipated shoot. With a variety of Seafolly swimwear and her own lingerie and sports wear, Jasmine made a gorgeous cover that remained popular for last part of 2012.

A big thankyou to all the girls who appeared in 2012, including Suzanne Salloum (Edition 45), Irina Monastirscaia, Amy Markham & Erna Gunnthorsdottir (Edition 44), Megan Creighton (Edition 43), Jay Galolo, Maly Thay & Rebecca King (Edition 42), Vicki Canham and Nadia Treadgold-Svir (Edition 41).

The autobabes i-Magazine 2012 SuperCar of the Year

With so many great cars produced in 2012, this category was equally as difficult to shortlist as the Girls !

For the 2012 published series, we award the 2012 SuperCar of the Year title to the Aventador LP700 Roadster by Lamborghini ! An incredible SuperCar with 700Hp from a V12 6.5ltr engine that can touch 217Mph. The car’s perfect blending of performance, elegant style and luxurious beauty, creates an open top benchmark that excites all senses.

A very close 2nd place is awarded to Ferrari’s very beautiful F12 Berlinetta. Being smaller & lighter than it’s predecessor 599 GTB, the F12 is much more nimble and manageable resulting in better performance & fuel efficiency. It’s 6.3ltr V12 engine manages 730Hp for a top speed of 211Mph & an astonishing 0-100k rating of just over 3 seconds!

Last year’s winner, Aston Martin, sits in the top 3 with it’s DBS Vanquish in 3rd spot! Displacing 6.0-liters in a very refined V12, this British SuperCar puts out 565Hp without stressing it’s gorgeous carbon fibre body nor the super luxurious interior.

In 4th spot, we have the Dodge beast SRT Viper GTS ! This is a world class American SuperCar powered by an 8.4ltr V10 rated at 640Hp which made a very significant return to it’s race heritage with the 2012 entry into the 24Hr Le Mans.

In 5th spot is the classy Mercedes SLS AMG GT Black ! Although technically not a ’12 model as the exquisite gullwing has been around for some years, the ’12 Black Series improved 6.2ltr V8 boasting 622Hp, a top speed of 196Mph and a 0-100k rating of just 3.6 seconds makes this the best of the series!

An honorary mention goes to FPV’s (Ford Performance Vehicles) GT RSPEC which finally gave the Ford Falcon’s incredible `Miami’ engine the world class chassis it deserves !<

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autobabes i-Magazine
2012 Model of the Year !

Nicole Woodland

Mel Jordan

Emma Dulcie

Ellise Doctor

Jasmine Tai

autobabes i-Magazine 2011 SuperCar of the Year !

Aventador LP700-4 by Lamborghini

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Aston Martin DBS Vanquish

Dodge SRT Viper GTS

Mercedes SLS AMG GT Black





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