Shelby Supersnake Widebody Behind The Build

First published to Youtube in July 2019, this is a Behind the Scenes look at the build of the truly phenomenal Shelby American SuperSnake! This particular one, is a Wide Body version of the  50th Anniversary SuperSnake which commemorates the 50 years between the first in 1969 to the current at the time being 2019.

This is essentially the same as the non-Anniversary version except with a different style bonnet and without all the carbon fibre.

We thought it worthy of re-publishing as it is an incredible car and a great video showing the work of Shelby licensed autoshop, Mustang Motorsports.

See the Build Process behind the new 2019 Shelby Super Snake Wide body. The build consists of a full repaint of the vehicle with smooth painted stripes finished off in pearl white. Performance is care of the new 800HP Whipple supercharger system with full supporting Drive train Modifications developed by Shelby American.


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