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As reported in Edition 25 – The Rock Edition, Chinese sensation and rising R&B star Ayi
was setting Macau alight at one of Asia’s premier nightclubs, Cubic.
Since then a lot has happened in the world, not least the passing of the world greatest entertainer or King of Pop – Michael Jackson. 

With the current economic climate, trying to forge ahead in the music industry independently is almost suicidal!  So how has Ayi jihu progressed since the last article?

She was happy to provide this update …

Ayi JihuWe have always had a long term strategy.  My style of music proves that. 
Stevie Eagle said from the beginning “if we wish to remain true to the music and my style and remain unspoilt it would be a long hard road” in truth my progress is far ahead of schedule, but it has been hard.

Cubic was great for me and for them and I could of stayed, but it’s typical of Stevie that he pulled the plug. 
“Time to move on, you ain’t a lounge act!” Plus their music began to go more towards
electro and house and R&B got pushed more to the fringes of things. 
Anyone who knows me knows that I am not an Electro chick!  What
moves me instinctively is Dancehall, ragga, that sort of thing, then for me comes R&B, Hip Hop etc. 
Everything has a shelf life, and we thought it was time to move on to other things.

My life and status in Macau and Hong Kong have changed so much now.  Everyone
seems to know me and I’m doing well there. 
Now I am Brand Ambassador for yoga world, sponsored, by Dr Face, Macau Drift Racing and various other local business. 
I have a new TV show coming out in August in Macau, Hong Kong, and the phone seems to always ringing. 
It makes a nice change from the past when we had to chase people down. 
There is still a long way to go but we are making progress and the ball is rolling.

The truth is that Asia and the world is beginning to wise up to Ayi Jihu.  On the face of it a few local sponsorship deals may not seem all that much, but when one considers the hundreds
if not thousands of entertainers, singers, dancers and artists that have come through Macau since it became ‘The Vegas of the East’ and realize that Ayi Jihu is the first to achieve even this you begin to put it all in perspective.  Ayi Jihu is not just a Singer, or dancer or even celebrity, she is the key to opening many doors that have previously been closed to the Chinese.  Through her talent and unique abilities Ayi Jihu translates perfectly to both East and West.  The people can feel it, and now business is getting in on the act.

Ayi Jihu is determined to succeed her way or not at all.  Her latest single ‘Smak dat’ instead of
heading more towards the middle ground of pop or even R&B pushes her even further into controversy. ‘My next album is going to be even more risky and much stronger.  I’m
in a sense going back to my roots or I should say, the roots of what really got me into all of this musically.’

Ayi Jihu is now back in London preparing for perhaps her biggest test to date. 
Her first American tour. 

‘I was asked to tour America over a year ago, but my management, record company and I all agreed that I was not quite ready, looking back we were right.  This is a great opportunity for me, maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity so I don’t want to mess it up.’  

Ayi Jihu will start her tour at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas at the end of August this year. 
She is already being courted by big business, clubs and even Celebrities who realize this little girl from China can open a door to what many now see as the largest emerging market.

Yes, Ayi Jihu is indeed the key, but how will she be accepted in America and will she be returning as the conquering hero or just another artist that had a go ! 

All her fans, critics and prospective sponsors, shall all be watching closely the progress of the Chili Express.



Ayi’s latest pics showing some of her favorite toys; outside of music that is !




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