President Barack Obama rides with Jerry Seinfeld in a Slick Blue 1963 Corvette Stingray!

President Barack Obama

As America’s `Coolest President’ – self proclaimed but true – President Barack Obama seems a fitting choice for Jerry Seinfeld’s new Web Series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee!”

According to the comedian and star of Seinfeld which was a massively successful TV show in the ’90’s, and who’s re-runs still continue, President Obama has enough funny one liners to qualify him for a `shot-gun’ seat (no pun intended).

In the next 20 minutes of casual coffee conversation, we probably learn a lot more about the `Man’ behind the President mask than we have in any formal interview.

But of course, the show is stolen by an absolutely magnificent example of a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette.

By Jerry Seinfeld’s description …

“It’s got a 327-cubic-inch V8, four-barrel carb, and proper knockoff wheels. Are there faster Corvettes? Yes. Are there bigger-engine tire-melting Corvettes? Of course. Are there cooler Corvettes? I don’t think so.

“1963 is the only year with the split rear window. This car looks like a submarine, like you could drive right into the water and keep going. It’s edgy, it’s stubby, it’s perfectly proportioned with just the right amount of detail and just the right stance.”

It is of course the `American Dream’ and always has been. Every boy dreams of owning one and as we also learn from the show, in the ’60’s all the astronauts drove current model Corvettes! As Jerry himself puts it ;

” When you drive a Saturn V at work, you cannot get outta that and into a Country Squire Wagon!”

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is very funny, and this episode certainly is, where Seinfeld shows that he still has it, and President Obama shows he’s getting it! Perhaps a TV career for the President is on the cards when he’s out of office.

Here’s the video, enjoy;

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