Pic of the Day; Savanah Ann features in Edition 56 – The Sexy Lake Edition

Appearing in Edition 56 – The Sexy Lake Edition

– Savanah Ann –
Lakeside with Savanah Ann ! Autobabes.com.au Edition 56

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Savanah Ann


Country of Origin 

Career Highlights
Representing a makeup company, I’ve been in music videos, TV commercials, magazines and several commercial model jobs. I just love being in front of the camera & expressing myself through photos.

Favorite Car
Bentley GTC because it fits me as a person; it’s luxurious, sexy and hard to get 🙂

The Boy or the Toy ?
Unfortunately I’m a hopeless romantic! I tend to chase love over anything. To me, being in love is the best feeling in the world!
. ________________

Some of the things I love include traveling, water sports, buckram yoga, shopping and I’m a total foodie!!!

I can’t tolerate liars or fake people .

Greatest Ambition 
 To better myself as a person everyday 🙂

Appears in
Edition 56, FeatureGirl ________________

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