Pic of the Day ; Lesca Sofyan for Edition 52 – The Sexy Beach Girl Edition

Appearing in Edition 52 – The Sexy Beach Girl Edition

– Lesca Sofyan –
Puppy Love ! Autobabes.com.au Edition 52

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Lesca Sofyan


Country of Origin 
Australia born Indonesian

Career Highlights
Appeared in local publications, brand ambassador for alcohol brands, received the Victor Chang Award and am in my final year of Vet BioScience with honors.

Favorite Car
Nissan Skylines GTR-34 or 35. ________________

Biggest Turn-On
 My guy, who can make me smile and empathise with me

Race cars, motorbikes, dogs, lions, sleep ins, gym

Rude and ungrateful people.

Greatest Ambition 
I want to be open my own vet clinic and dog day care!

Appears in
Edition 52, FeatureGirl ________________


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