Pic of the Day; Katy Belle Features in Edition 101 – The Gorgeous Summer Edition


Appearing in Edition 101 – The Gorgeous Summer Edition

– Katy Belle –
Katy Belle ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 101

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Katy Belle


Country of Origin

Career Highlight
Appearing in Playboy Plus. ________________

Favourite Talent
I love eating and being healthy and I enjoy cooking above all else. If I had to call out a single greatest talent, it would be to create a full 3 course meal with no notice!

Favourite Childhood memory
I grew up playing outside in the woods, exploring caverns and riding horses!

I like a guy that takes care of himself and goes to the gym, eats clean, drives sports cars and can cherish precious moments in life with me!

The simple things in life!


Greatest Ambition
To write a really cool cookbook for healthy and natural recipes


Appears in
Edition 101 Feature Girl

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