Pic of the Day; Emma Vaughn Features in Edition 74 – The Sexy Beach Model Edition

Appearing in Edition 74 – The Sexy Beach Model Edition

– Emma Vaughn-
Emma Vaughn ! Autobabes.com.au Edition 74


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Emma Vaughn


Country of Origin

Career Highlights
I’m forever changing careers. I’ve recently started exotic dancing and I love it. It suits me whilst studying fitness to become a personal trainer.

If I were a Car
I’d be a Corvette Convertible because it’s Sexy, Fast and I love taking my top off !

Biggest Turn-On
My ideal man is 5’9″, Italian, Handsome and Funny and he’s already mine.

Food, Travel, Marine life!

People who litter.

Greatest Ambition
To be a successful dancer and model and to grow my beauty business further.

Appears in
Edition 74, Feature Girl ________________


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