Pic of the Day; Fabienna Valentina features in Edition 63 – the Sexy Entertainer Edition

    –  Appearing in Edition 63 – The Sexy Entertainer Edition 

– Fabienna Valentina –
Fabienna Valentina ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 63

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Fabienna Valentina


Country of Origin
Sweden, grew up in Netherlands

Career Highlight
Photographic model with Jan Te Bond and other glamour work.

If you were a car 
I’m a Ferrari or a Bugatti; It doesn’t get better than this. hahaha 😀

Favourite Car 
My dream car is a red Ferrari 🙂

I like tall men with tattoos, bright eyes and beautiful dark hair. The character must be charming, spicy and a bit of a boss !

My passion lies in makeup and photography. I like cocktails with my loving friends, Shopping and when the sun shines, long beach walks! 

Jealousy, People who complain too much !

Greatest Ambition
To become an international glamour / lingerie model.


Appears in
Edition 63 Feature Girl

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