Orange County Choppers Roar into Australia !


Sydney, 24 Feb, 2007  – Thunderbolts and Lightning, pouring rain and the roar of an army a thousand strong; was it an XBOX version of Russell Crowe’s Gladiator ? No, but that’s not a bad idea to go to XBOX with!

Actually, it was the roar of all types of bikes that could have been a thousand strong cavalcade! They were the huge biker group that took part in the convoy lead by Paul Senior, Junior and Vinnie out of Sydney’s Olympic Stadium on Saturday afternoon. 

It was also the sky light effects put on by mother nature as an extremely wet and loud Sydney welcome to the boys from Orange County Choppers, in their debut Australian tour!

As the rain poured, and the lightning lit up the sky, the crowd roared to the boys on stage for an autographed frisbie, whilst others threw their t-shirts, hats and anything else they had up for signing!

It was a very rock and roll energy reminiscent of the best rock shows, but it could have quite easily gone in the opposite direction – an impatient crowd, expecting to see their biker heroes from 2pm had to wait until almost 7pm to get their chance! And what a reaction when Paul Junior finally turned up on stage to a semi – hostile crowd, wearing a South Sydney jersey – no doubt given to him by their newest client and single
source of Aussie culture info, Russell Crowe!

But it was a good call to send out Junior first as he obviously had a handle on the crowd from first minute and handled himself with the diplomacy of a true public figure!

” What … this!?” He asked pointing to his shirt … “You want
me to take it off?” And with the encouragement of the crowd, the shirt came off and with no disrespect to Crowe’s Rabbitoh’s,  we were all friends again!

As Jason setup his computer, what unfolded was an interactive bike building workshop that had the audience `voting’ via applause, to select frame type, body parts and wheels of their choice!

Once selected, Paul Senior directed the team in his own special way, to build the bike on stage in front of a wet but appreciative audience in about an hour and half!

Some casual entertainment was provided by Paul Junior’s now famous girlfriend, Whitney with Mikey showing he really does have talent, if not for building bikes, at least for playing piano!

As the completed bike roared to life on stage, so did the crowd … in anticipation of the one lucky ticket holder to win the door prize! And what a prize it was! A classic, OCC custom, born in Sydney right before their eyes!

Other attractions at the event included a Show ‘n Shine judged by Jason, a display of OCC’s classic creations they brought with them, and various trade displays across the park. In addition, Aussie local band, Crash Avenue provided on stage warm up entertainment just ahead of the OCC Band’s special brand of blues!

All in all, a crowd pleasing event and on behalf of Sydney fans, showing off signatures and memorabilia, we thank the Teutul boys for their time and Chugg Entertainment for going to the trouble of  co-ordination!


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The OCC Band


Crash Avenue


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The OCC signature “Jets” bike

Father and Son at the Show ‘n Shine!

Phantom of the Show
‘n Shine

More Phantoms .. ?

OCC Cavalry after the run!

Angelo leading the autograph
signings during meet & greet!

A Simple Message!

Vinnie woo’s the young one’s

Ain’t she sweet ?

Vinnie woo’s the older one’s

Souths Jersey caused a stir

Paul Senior

Mikey throwing Frisbies

Building the Bike

More frisbies

Almost done

Audio probs

All is well!


  1. Great show. I caught the show in the US before they left for their world tour.

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