Marisa Miller Learns How To Burn The Tires On Her Harley Davidson Nightster

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From our friends at comes this video of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Model Marisa Miller in a way most have never known her before.


“Hope She Has Discount Tires On That Motorcycle!”

That is the first thing that I think when I see this video. Teaching a supermodel how to burn rubber on a Harley-Davidson can be harder than it sounds. The perfect balance needs to be maintained between clutch and brake. It is also important to remember that when you are doing a burnout it can easily destroy your tires!

Safety has to be at the top of your list of concerns. Marisa Miller is fully equipped in leather riding gear from head to toe. She also wears a Bell motorcycle helmet with a full face mask. As far as motorcycle insurance goes – we’re sure she has full coverage!

With some training from skilled motorcycle professionals Marisa is ready to give it a shot on her own. LET THE TIRE DESTRUCTION BEGIN! She quickly and confidently grabs the brake and releases the clutch while twisting the throttle of the motorcycle. The rest my friend is pure science! The motorcycle tires quickly erupt with smoke filled glory!

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Ok, enough about science and burnouts and safety gear! Let’s see the beautiful Marisa Miller smoke those tires! Check it out!

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