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DRIVE TO ARRIVE Defensive Driving Driver Awareness Course

John Bowe Driving conducts our class leading Drive to Arrive defensive driving driver awareness course all year round, not just at Easter.

Achieving real road safety results is what John Bowe Driving are always aiming for with our Drive to Arrive course. If you have not had the chance to refer a family member, friend or work colleague to our course then the traditional higher road toll during Easter might be a good time to offer a reminder.

It is unfortunate that holiday periods like Easter and Christmas are know as ‘traditional’ high risk times on our roads when generally they should be known as traditional times to get together with family and friends for enjoyment, not for mourning, yet every year people don’t take the risks seriously and continue to demonstrate poor driving habits. The Easter holiday is know for long trips away, higher traffic volume and a change in weather as summer starts to turn into winter (also known as Autumn)!

Don’t get caught out, remember these simple tips;
        Keep a safe gap between you and the cars ahead of you,
        Be aware of the vehicle behind you, if they are ‘tailgating’ then open up more of a gap to the car ahead to allow reaction time for their errors too,
        Keep your eyes up and further down the road to see and react to any changes in traffic condition before it becomes critical,
        Avoid distractions such as mobile phones and minimize your interaction with passengers when the road conditions get more difficult,
        Manage fatigue by stopping at least every 2 hours or when you first feel the signs of drowsiness and swap drivers if you have that choice,
        And finally, don’t speed* – you will not get anywhere any quicker and it greatly increases your risk.  

*Speeding is not only adhering to posted speed limits but also adjusting your speed for the conditions, ie greater traffic volume, wet roads, wildlife, etc.

 Check out our short video about our Drive to Arrive course;

Our upcoming Drive to Arrive course dates are;

        Friday 12th April: Sandown, VIC

        Saturday 13th April: Sandown, VIC

        Monday 29th April: Calder, VIC

        Wednesday 1st May: QLD r/way, QLD

        Sunday 12th May: Adelaide Intl r/way, S.A.

        Wednesday 15th May: Adelaide Intl r/way, S.A.

        Friday 17th May: Symmons Plains, TAS

        Tuesday 21st May: Baskerville, TAS

        Thursday 9th May: Calder, VIC

        Monday 27th May: Sandown, VIC

        Friday 28th June: Western Sydney Dragway, NSW

An enrolment form including a special Easter discount offer is attached for anyone who would like to book a spot on any of the above course dates.



Dean Sammut

Instructor, Office Manager

John Bowe Driving

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& Corporate Drive Programs

ph: 03 9886 0522

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