Great Christmas Gift Idea

SPECIAL RATE OF ONLY $195 (save $100)

Hi Everyone,

This is a great time of year to be thinking of a gift like this, we know you are looking for something that provides more than a brief moment of excitement on Christmas day and this gift will provide a life skill that lasts forever.

The John Bowe Driving DRIVE TO ARRIVE Driver Awareness course is a full day program that is the important first step in people becoming better and safer drivers. The course is suitable for drivers of all levels of experience with heaps of new information about staying safe along with challenging driving activities to increase awareness of how to avoid emergency situations.

The key points of the DRIVE TO ARRIVE Driver Awareness course are delivered in a fun and interactive environment and includes topics such as;

  • Understand the impact of speed on reaction and stopping distances.
  • Identify the cause and responsibility of crashes and how to avoid them.
  • Learn basic vehicle maintenance to ensure your vehicle is in safe condition.
  • Develop an awareness of both driver & vehicle reaction in an emergency situation.
  • Dispel the myths that exist about dealing with skids.
  • Identify the optimum set up for seating, steering and mirror positions.
  • Become more responsible for your attitude towards dealing with our roads safely.

We know that our DRIVE TO ARRIVE course format achieves real road safety results so if you are looking to improve your driving or know someone who could benefit from this course then don’t hesitate. We have reduced the booking fee to only$195 per driver for this Christmas Special Offer.

We would love to see you or one of your family/friends on our DRIVE TO ARRIVE course soon.

Do not hesitate to book online or complete the attached enrollment form as soon as possible as this offer is only valid until 20th December (allows certificate mail out time).


Dean Sammut
Instructor & Office Manager – John Bowe Driving


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