JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass – Official Trailer

“This nation, will not be fully free, until all it’s citizens are free!”- John F. Kennedy

That line by JFK was quoted in the new documentary by Olive Stone “JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass”. And how true does it ring today as it did in the early ’60’s just prior to his untimely and brutal assassination.

In this documentary, which is a culmination of years of intense research that puts the journalists past and present all to shame, Oliver Stone reveals facts and evidence that were around at that time, and should have been obvious at that time, but were either missed or covered up.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald really the assassin? Was he a lone actor? What was his motivation? Indeed what was the murder weapon? If it wasn’t Oswald, then who was it and why ?

All very thought provoking questions that are addressed in the documentary and highlight the tumultuous climate that was post WWII USA; a nation that had triumphed in two major battles on global scale, having defeated both the Japanese in their own land and of course been the primary force in the allies to defeat Hitler.

With that new found power, could America become the enforcer and protector of the world? Protecting all nations against the risk of invasion and evil from tyrannical nations! Should America take on that role and who decides which invasion is right and which is not?

If you understand that environment, and the potential power running in the veins of the USA’s governments, then you’ll understand that JFK’s views on peace and relations with other nations, including communist regimes, may have been out of step with the views of other government factions – including the military and the CIA.

This is the trailer, and the full doco is well worth a watch;


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