German Grand Prix Dropped from the 2015 F1 Circuit Calender

German Grand Prix Dropped from the 2015 F1 Circuit Calender

The German Grand Prix has been dropped from the Formula 1 calendar for 2015, due to disagreement on hosting fees.

F1GP Boss Bernie Ecclestone announced today that the German Grand Prix will be dropped from the 2015 Formula One calendar. The reason being that a deal could not be struck for the use of neither of Germany’s two alternating circuits – ie Nuerburgring or Hockenheim.

Officially, it was the World Motor Sport Council that announced in a media release ” .. the race was withdrawn because the commercial rights holder and promoter did not reach agreement.”

The Formula One calendar has always alternated annually between the two German circuits, and this year it was Nuerburgring that was scheduled to host the race July 19th. However, the failure to reach an agreement means that there will be 19 races in this season rather than 20. This also means a 3 weeks gap will exist between the British Grand Prix on July 5, and the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 26.

Specifically the reason for dispute is reportedly the staging fee charged by Ecclestone and his un-willingness to reduce the reported $US15 million ($A20 million) fee. Despite the offer from Mercedes to subsidise the Hockenheim circuit to help save the race, an agreement still could be reached for this season.

Despite the fact that Germany is of course the home circuit of Mercedes, who was last year’s top team with drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg dominating the series, spectators had been steadily decreasing since the days of seven-time champion Michael Schumacher.

We know of course that ex Red Bull Driver and four times champion Sebastian Vettel, now driving for Ferrari, is also German.

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