Pot for Pets – Medical Marijuana Considered for Pets

Marijuana for Pets


From our friends @ SkyNews.com.au

Dying pets in the US state of Nevada may soon be able to have medical marijuana.

Nevada senator Tick Segerblom has introduced a bill, saying animal owners should be able to get marijuana for their pet if a vet certifies the animal has an illness that might be alleviated by the drug.

Some vets who have given cannabis to sick and dying pets say it’s relieved their symptoms, although the substance hasn’t been proven as a painkiller for animals.

The proposal is in its earliest stages and faces several legislative hurdles before it could become law.

The ‘pot for pets’ provision is part of a larger bill that would overhaul the state’s medical marijuana law, removing penalties for drivers who have marijuana in their blood and requiring training for pot-shop owners.



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