Former Adult Star Lisa Ann Allegedly Arrested and Escorted Out of Matt Rife’s NYC Comedy Show

New York City, February 5, 2024 – In a surprising turn of events, former adult film star Lisa Ann was allegedly forcibly removed from comedian Matt Rife’s stand-up comedy show at Radio City Music Hall. The incident, captured on video and shared by Lisa Ann herself, has sparked speculation and raised eyebrows among fans and critics alike.

The rather disturbing footage shows Lisa Ann being escorted out in handcuffs by four NYPD officers during Rife’s sold-out ProbleMATTic World Tour. The 51-year-old retired Porn star vehemently denies any wrongdoing, asserting that she did not use her phone during the show. In a social media X post, she expressed her frustration, stating,

“This. Is. Not. A. Bit. Real life I was arrested tonight @mattrife show at Radio City Music Hall #wtf.”

On Instagram she posted long side the video;

“Sad to say. This is real and now I have to manage the trauma of this experience.”

Lisa Ann went on to explain that despite the lack of a Yondr pouch policy, a practice adopted by many comedians to prevent unauthorized recording, she was allegedly singled out for using her phone. Matt Rife encourages his audience to refrain from taking photos or recording videos to avoid leaking jokes on social media.

The arrest has fueled speculation among fans, with many questioning the circumstances surrounding Lisa Ann’s removal from the show. Supporters flooded her social media posts with comments expressing confusion and concern about the incident, particularly given Lisa Ann’s reported longtime friendship with the controversial 28-year-old comedian.

However, this incident adds another layer to the controversies surrounding Matt Rife, who recently faced backlash over a domestic violence joke in his Netflix special. In the controversial bit, Rife made light of a serious issue, joking about a waitress with a black eye, stating, “Yeah, but I feel like if she could cook, she wouldn’t have that black eye.” The comedian further exacerbated the situation by doubling down and stating, “I figure if we start the show with domestic violence, the rest of the show should be smooth sailing.”

These recent events have left fans questioning Rife’s comedic approach and whether it may be crossing the line into insensitivity. As the story develops, the fallout from Lisa Ann’s alleged removal and Rife’s controversial jokes continues to unfold, leaving many to wonder about the future of the comedian’s career and the impact on his loyal fanbase.

This follows the Adult Video Network’s award event where lovely Lisa Ann took away 4 awards.

We hope she’s Ok.

See the video below which also contains a lengthy explanation from Lisa Ann herself.



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A post shared by Lisa Ann (@thereallisaann)

The full commentary on the post reads as below;

Tonight was the first time the stars aligned and I was able to see @mattrife @radiocitymusichall for the first time live, in person.
Matt and I connected after he hosted the AVN awards and I could not attend as I was standing up my date.

Flash forward.. tonight. The stars align and I can see his show at my favorite venue @radiocitymusichall
Seats 2 rows from stage, and quickly I am told not to be on my phone. I was not on my phone, so no worries right???! Yup – till I am accused of being on my phone and dragged out in handcuffs.
It was then NYPD offered me 2 options
1. To be stressed and processed
2. To be 51/50 and taken to a hospital.

I know I did not deserve either – I also knew whatever showed up first would be my option.
An ambulance arrives ..
I’m still handcuffed an hour later, I let the NYPD speak to the paramedics to decide my destiny.
As soon as the NYPD leave me in the ambulance in handcuffs the onboard paramedic speaks to me.
This is the first time in N hour of being handcuffed anyone had addressed me.
She was kind. She was honest, she asked me what took place.
As I shared my side of what may me a huge misunderstanding, she verified that NO ONE had the right to hold me against my will in handcuffs for over an hour over a comedy show @radiocitymusichall

So much for enjoying a night in the city @mattrife

Everyone knows how much I love NYC but after being tossed around in handcuffs it’s all different now

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