Ford Revives 70’s Retro Colour for 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang

You could say it’s just in time for St Patrick’s Day, or you could say it’s been planned for years ! I guess it depends on your level of cynicism or your faith in the spontaneity of modern marketing!

Either way, it’s a gorgeous colour that looks very much at home on the 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang !

It is in fact Grabber Green and is inspired by a similar shade of the 1970’s which was a flat solid colour. In the modern interpretation, Grabber Green contains a pearl base so that highlights react under light to give the otherwise solid colour depth and a 3D appearance.

Although first to be seen on the GT500, the colour is in fact available across the range of Mustangs.

New colours for 2019/20 also include Twister Orange, Orange Fury and Velocity Blue, which are metallic paints whilst Grabber Lime remains pearl based.

We note that the largely popular colour of Grabber Blue has been decommissioned in 2019, as has Lightning Blue that was introduced in 2017.

Let’s hope Grabber Green carries with it the Luck o’ th’ Irish!


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