duPont Registry; 1965 Shelby Cobra

A new build with only 100 miles on the odometer, this very special Edition Cobra has been outfitted with the 5.0 Coyote V8 that has been paired with a Tremec 5 speed manual transmission.

You can find more than one manufacturer of Cobra replicas out there. Some are kit cars that are cheap to build with cheap parts, and then there are those that are very close to exact reproductions like this Backdraft Racing Cobra.

This is a true tribute to the original 1965 Shelby Cobra with authentic looks, but with a newer drive train, and the drive and feel of a modern day sports car.

Thanks to quality workmanship, the doors fit neatly in place and the trunk lines up with the fenders as it should.

The flawless paint is buffed to a brilliant finish that you can comb your hair in. Well designed bucket seats hold you in place during aggressive driving, while hanging tight to the Ford Racing steering wheel.

The shifter for the 6-speed manual transmission is placed with a forward leaning stance and makes shifting a breeze. Racing-style shoulder harnesses are installed for both driver and passenger.

Big AutoMeter analog gauges fill the instrument panel with information, and they do a good job impersonating the reverse-rotation Smiths units in the original Cobra while being much more reliable and accurate.

For power, it’s hard to beat new muscle technology, so a modern day 5.0 Coyote V8 powers this Cobra. It’s a perfect fit in the Cobra’s engine bay, and the big V8 cranks out 430 horsepower on pump gas while weighing a fraction of its 427 cubic inch ancestors.

With factory fuel injection, it starts and runs with the push of a button and there is never any tuning required.

A few carbon fibered accents dress up the engine bay and the new technology in this Cobra make it fun and very easy to drive. The chassis is fabricated with rectangular tubing for durability. It has custom suspension front and rear for both comfort and agility. 4-wheel disc brakes, rack-and-pinion steering, and professional assembly make this a supercar that you can drive every day if you choose to.

This beast looks savage with the 245/40/18 front tires and 295/40/18 rear tires. Build options on this Cobra include: Ford Racing 5.0 Coyote 430HP T5 5 speed Transmission Carbon Fiber Air Intake Ford Racing Valve Covers Custom Diamond Stitched Interior Backdraft-logo floor mats Ford Racing Steering Wheel Autometer Gauges Upgrade Driver Raydot Mirror

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