Delivering the World’s Fastest Car – The Koenigsegg Phoenix!

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is the undisputed fastest production car in the world ! That fact caught the attention of Real Estate Entrepreneur and Car Enthusiast Manny Khoshbin who recently bought one of these and optioned it up to over $US3Mil!

There were only 25 Agera RS cars made which makes them rare enough, but with the modifications and customisations requested by Manny, this is definitley a one of one car.

Called the Phoenix, the Agera RS has over $US1Mil worth of Gold accents and linings through the car.

Retired Race Car Driver and CNBC contributor Justin Bell was invited to ride along in the delivery truck and make the presentation of this magnificent car to the eagerly awaiting Manny at his California residence.

Let’s watch and see what happens!

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