COVID-19 Proves Greta and Environment Activists are FOOLS!

Poor Greta (and of course her puppeteers)! For all the angst and anger directed at the generation just before hers and the one before that, it turns out that her entire argument was exposed as a `Chicken Little’ moment!

“You destroyed the Planet!”, she exclaimed ..

“And you took away my childhood!”

Really ? That’s a pessimistic way of looking at life for a young girl when there are so many others her age around the world enjoying life !

Then along comes COVID-19 and blows the world into isolation and distancing. The world Works From Home and in less than a single month, the C02 levels drop, and skies are more blue than they have ever been!

Sure, the point is to look after your environment; even a dog knows not to poo near it’s water and food supply! But the suggestion of damage that was done that required throwing away technology, fossil fuel engines and the modern lifestyle, was clearly proven ridiculous! As was the billion dollar budget they said was required to rectify and turn the situation around! Some even said that ‘IT WAS TOO LATE ‘! Too late, the damage is done and irreversible!

And now that it’s been proven to be a farce, what do you and all other GREENIE Activists have to say Greta !?

“How DARE you!?”

How dare you Covid? How dare you prove that the Earth knows how to heal, and that those who think that we as feeble little humans really had the power to destroy the Billion year old marvel of the Universe in a mere 100 years, were nothing but JACKASSES!?

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