Ambrose wins Nationwide twice in a row !


– Australia’s MARCOS AMBROSE

claims the second NASCAR victory of his career as he wins the Nationwide
Series event at Watkins Glen.
Ambrose demonstrated nerves of steal as
he patiently waited for the right moment to launch the  overtake
maneuver that would take him to his second victory. 
And his moment came when with 18 laps
remaining, he launched an incredibly risky and daring move on the inside
of Kyle Busch. Reminiscent of similar aggressive tactics that are the
trademark of Schumaker in the F1GP, the move paid off for Ambrose and
gave him the second consecutive win at the famous New York circuit. 

As expected though, Kyle Busch was not
overly impressed by the move .. 

“I felt like it was a cheap-shot there
as I was in a position where I couldn’t do anything without wrecking
both our cars had I not stopped,” Busch said. 

” I don’t think it was a fair
move,” he went on, ” but it won the race and I guess he had to
do something. I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

Understandably, Ambrose had a different
view and felt that he made a fair pass at the right moment. 

“I had to surprise him and I did that
at the right time. We didn’t have the top-end speed to make a classic
pass, and I knew I had to bomb him some way,” said Ambrose.

“He wasn’t going to make a mistake
and I knew I had to force one on him. I just stormed up in there. I knew
it was a high-risk move but it needed to be made.”

32-year-old Ambrose celebrated with his
wife and young family, when he was also told that he qualified fourth
for the Sprint Cup event, which has been postponed by 24 hours after a
downpour rendered the circuit un-useable.

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