All American Day Sydney 2019

The weather held out quite well for the organisers of the 2019 All American Day in Sydney.

The show is an annual gathering of as many cars as possible that were made in the USA. So for example ’60’s Falcon’s and Fairlanes were there but the GT-P or XYGTHO Falcons do not qualify as these are Australian. As a side note, if these Falcons are your passion, then you’ll need to be at the 2019 All Ford Day this February 17th.

The All American Day in Sydney however, saw a huge collection of American Muscle and Classic cars that represented predominantly the manufacturers of Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge. Within these, there were subclasses to cater for Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, all manner of Chevs from ’55 upwards, a plethora of Mustangs, Model T’s and A’s, and even a Hellcat. There was also minor representation of De Soto, many Cadillacs, Plymouth, an AMC Javelin in race gear and a De Tomaso Pantera.

The event is of course to show case the cars for the enjoyment of the public, to allow the owners to show off their vehicles and their customisations or restorations to originality, however also to raise funds for charities.

This year was no different, and the beneficiary was the Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Within the Ford ranks, there was good representation of old and new, with a number of Model T’s and Model A’s in original and HotRod format for the crowd to enjoy. There were so many Mustangs, that a section had to be dedicated to that collection which looked very impressive.

This included a number of Mach1’s, one immaculate 1969 428CobraJet, and a surprising collection of BULLITT Mustangs! In fact for one of these, the owner was clever enough, and fast enough to register he plates of JJZ-110 which were of course the plates on the original car from the movie by the same name driven by Steve McQueen.

It was good to see an array of Shelby Mustangs also. There were a few custom Mustangs with their owners taking some poetic licence with the Shelby badges, however there were a number of genuine originals that included GT350’s, GT500’s and a modern Shelby GT. It was also good to see a modified high horsepower Cobra present.

On the Chevrolet side, Corvette had a great representation through the C2 class all the way to the new C7’s which would have been big money cars to import to Australia as there is no dealer network in the import chain. In this case, it was good to see a high quality Left Hand drive conversion done with the respect to what the vehicle is. There was also a 2019 Camaro that we know is imported through the HSV Dealership and converted to Right Hand Drive. This one however, disappointingly, had received a low quality conversion based on the tell-tale weld marks across the front and side guards. The car itself though, looked great and it’s good to see these cars in Australia alongside the Mustangs.

With a total of 430 cars in attendance, there was much to see and a good representation of the American Muscle and Classic Cars that we all enjoy so much.

Be sure to get along next year when the location is announced on the All American Day Facebook page.


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