Al Capone’s Armored 1928 Cadillac For Sale

Celebrity Cars’, an auto sales venue based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has recently listed for sale a 1928 Cadillac Town Sedan.

Although a gorgeous example of this model in stunning condition, the car is far from an ordinary example. In fact, it’s unique selling proposition is that it was owned by Chicago’s great gangster, Al Capone.

In particular also, the distinctive features of the ol’ ’28 Caddy, is the bullet-proofing and armored nature designed to keep the great mob boss protected from bullets – both from the boys in blue and assassins in black.

The body on this car is lined with asbestos-covered armor to absorb bullets, the window glass a whole 1″ thick to stop gunfire and the rear, which is also bulet proof, allows the mob guards enough gap to fire back from the rear.

The car is also fitted with a police radio so that Capone’s men could keep an ear out for the cops’ plans and whereabouts, and the Caddy’s V8 motor has been tuned for more power in the event that they need to get out of a jam quickly!

Of course all that wasn’t enough to keep the Mob Boss free from prison bars as history tells us that he was arrested for tax evasion in 1932 – that’s all the feds could get him on as he had his tracks too well covered.

As his possessions were all seized, the car was sold the following year, and went on through a few owners until it landed in the hands of Celebrity Cars.

The car is up for sale once more, for the neat price of $USD1 million for the infamous Cadillac that was the first known armored personal vehicle.

1928 Cadillac Al Capone’s bulletproof Town Sedan
Condition: Used Clear Title
Miles: 1,111
Engine: V-8
Transmission: 4 Spd Manual
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color: Black/Green
Interior: Cloth
Stock #: 306449
VIN #: 306449
Warranty: As-Is

More info available HERE

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