AC/DC to Make a Comeback Reunion !

Legendary Australian rock band AC/DC teased for days but today announced a long-awaited comeback with a familiar reunited line-up!

Founders and veterans of the band, brothers Angus and Stevie Young join the returning members of vocalist Brian Johnson, drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams, who had left the band individually after the Rock or Bust tour in 2015 and 2016.

The promotional campaign  carries the slogan PWR UP, which is also featured in the promo videos posted earlier in the week and on a poster that was spotted outside Ashfield Boy’s High School which was of course Angus Young’s old school.

The band did not mention an upcoming tour or new music releases to support the reunion, however given the cryptic tease question put to the fans as “Are you ready?”, we would assume that one is pending!

Rock or Bust was AC/DC’s most recent studio album and was supported by a world tour that ran from 2015 to 2016.

After the tour, Rudd left the band due to a conviction of drug possession and a threat to kill offence and Johnson departed in 2016 on  doctor’s order to stop touring immediately in order to salvage deteriorating hearing.

AC/DC remains as popular today as they ever were! Their Hard Rock sounds and styles famous as hits like Back In Black, Highway To Hell and It’s A Long Way To The Top.

For Williams, who dropped out only months after Johnson, it was a change in the band’s dynamic due to the personality shift of the band that made up his mind.

The band has been on hiatus since the death of brother Malcolm in 2017 but as we’ve seen before following the death of Bon Scott, it’s hard to keep a band like AC/DC down!

This announcement from Wednesday night seems to confirm a return to the Rock!

We can hardly wait to see the result!


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