2019 Ford Performance Mustang Supercar Revealed

With the 2019 season almost upon us, Ford Performance have revealed their much anticipated 2019 Supercar.

There was much controversy when the camoulfaged version was revealed in off season testing and development, with the biggest criticism being the proportions of the car.

Like NASCAR in the USA, The V8Supercars has a control chassis with specifications that all entrants must meet. This was of course based on the sedan shapes available in the country at the time and this therefore suited Ford’s Falcon and Holden’s Commodore perfectly, as it later did for Nissan and Mercedes.

With the closure of production of Falcon however, the two-door Mustang body required extensive modification to accommodate that control chassis and remain compliant. The result was a high roof line, bonnet and panels which gave the car a disproportionate appearance compared to the street version which is the favorite sportscar of the world based on sales.

In full race colours though, where the lines are more visible and proportions more focussed, most fans agree the car looks better.

The Mustang racer has been developed by DJR Team Penske, Ford Performance in the US and Tickford Racing and is unveiled ahead of each race teams’ unveiling in their colours over the next two weeks.

The car’s debut race will be at next week’s pre-season event at Phillip Island, before the season-opening Super-loop Adelaide 500 on February 28th.

Ford fans are hopeful that this Ford Performance entry will be as prominent as the Falcon has been in it’s history.

Time will tell.

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