New England Patriots Defeat the Los Angeles Rams to win Super Bowl LIII 13-3

Despite some comments to the contrary, the SuperBowl LIII match on Sunday 3rd February was a tight match and close call – Or at least, it began that way.

In that first half, and in fact only minutes into the game, what started as a typically magnificent pass by quarter-back Tom Brady became a brilliant intercept by the Rams. It didn’t make a difference to the game, but almost broke the internet’s Social Media networks.

Towards the end of the 1st half, the Ram’s Stephen Gostkowski made 2 attempts at field goal. The first at 46 yards out fell wide of the poles however one more at the 42 yard mark that made the score.

That left the first half at a score of 3-0 which was the second lowest score ahead of a final count that mark SuperBowl LIII the second lowest scoring SuperBowl in history behind SuperBowl VII’s 14-7 between Dolphins and RedSkins.

Although Patriots proved they had the attack game to go the distance, the final win came down to who had the best defenses. In New England we saw an ability to take advantage of the Rams lack of interior line strength, and on the Rams‘ side, their ability to hold strong and tall on multiple third-down scenarios in the shallow end of its own territory.

The winning edge and the only touchdown in the game, came when Tom Brady was able to power his Patriots a total of 69 yards down the field in a quick succession of five plays to claim the score line that was now 10-3.

The final 3 points came with a field goal scored by the Patriots in the final minutes to clench the win.

The Patriots scored their SuperBowl history and Tom Brady his 6th Ring!




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