World Record Smashed By 14 Days, With A Powerboat Run On Vegetable Oil !!

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Just a boat race or is this a sign of things to come for the Renewable Energy Sector?

 A Win for Earthrace, A Win for Renewable Energy

Earthrace, the world’s fastest eco-boat, has smashed the world speed record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe, knocking almost 14 days off the previous record. The boat crossed the finish line in Sagunto at 13.42 GMT on Friday 27 June, having taken 60 days 23 hours and 49 minutes to travel around 24,000 nautical miles fuelled by biodiesel to demonstrate the efficiency of, and draw global attention to, the potential for alternative fuel sources. Our own Justin Beeton the ONLY Australian and one of 6 drivers in the world to successfully steer Earthrace from Suez Canal, Egypt across the Mediterranean towards Sagunto, Spain and across the finish line. Justin’s leg of the race took just under 6 days in total.

“To be part of the world record is a very proud moment and an amazing experience. I’m privileged to represent our country in showing the world that Australia is committed to tackle the alarming issue of global warming. Earthrace is the world’s most advanced power boat when it comes to sustainable energy. It’s astonishing a boat run on 100% biodiesel could break the record and leave a zero carbon footprint. This is an example of what opportunities and exciting technology that will emerge as the global rush for renewable energy sources heats up ahead of Kyoto’s 2012 deadline. This shows we as a global community can really do incredible things with renewable resources.” Beeton stated.

Centreboard International Renewable Energy Investment Workshops

JB Global Investment Services is the Lead Financial Advisory Firm managing one of Australia ‘s largest renewable energy investment trusts. The investment focuses on investing in global wind farm, solar power, and biofuel companies.

 Hear first hand what it was like to be on Earthrace the fastest boat in the world. Find out why Justin believes Renewable Energy is this century’s next potential growth area.

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Earthrace Is Coming To Australia

Earthrace is now the worlds fastest eco boat and JB Global is excited to bring the coolest boat in the world to Australia. The aim is to connect with local people and encourage discussion about the need for renewable energy to become a significant component of Australias total energy mix. We hope to inspire Aussies to do something themselves to minimise their impact on the environment. All we need to do as individuals is to make small changes, whether that be changing light bulbs at home or turning computers off at night. These are small baby steps towards tackling the issue of global warming to ensure that as a country we take leaps and bounds forward to become a world leader in the area of climate change.


The Design of Earthrace

Earthrace is a 24m (78ft) tri-hull wavepiercing boat that has been designed and built specifically to break the record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe. It is an advanced endurance vessel, capable of submarining up to 7m (23ft) underwater as it powers across oceans. One journalist recently reported “Earthrace is like a rally car but for oceans, with her ability to handle rough seas and storm conditions at high speed.”


Earthrace can run on almost anything including human body fat. Thankfully Justin didn’t run out of biofuels as liposuction was not an option. Although Justin has lost over 6 kilos in 6 days of the endurance race.


Proud Sponsors

JB Global is proud to announce that we are the official project sponsor of Earthrace. “Being the Project Sponsor of Earthrace is an exciting venture for our company. Our aim, like Earthrace, is to increase public awareness about the long term consequences of climate change. Earthrace is the worlds most advanced power boat when it comes to sustainable energy, and is an example of what opportunities and exciting technology will emerge as the global rush into renewable energy sources heats up ahead of Kyoto ’s 2012 deadline.” Justin Beeton, Managing Director of JB Global


Like A Ride On Earthrace?

JB Global will be bringing the boat to Australia in December 2008 – January 2009 and will visit Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane as part of a renewable energy awareness program. Justin and the crew will share their experiences, and most of all connect with you about the need to get renewable fuels into our energy mix so we can minimise our impact on the environment

Justin Beeton Managing Director, JB Global Investment Services

Photo of Justin Beeton and the crew of Earthrace as they cross the finish line in Spain



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