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In an incredible European Grand Prix that saw his team mate Mark Webber, back-flip out of a 300km/h crash with Heikki Kovalainen, German Sebastion Vettel wins for Red Bull! This means that Vettel is back in contention for the World Championship.

Webber qualified well and was in a second place start on the grid but quickly fell to 9th during the race. With Vettel racing from pole to hold first and Lewis Hamilton from 3rd to gain on Vettel, Webber was left behind to be caught in traffic. Those that know Webber or have been following his career know that traffic is not his forte !

Then a drop to the pitts to swap out his soft compound Bridgestones for a medium compound, dropped him to 19th and more traffic.

 It was when he challenged Heikki Kovalainen for the 18th spot on Turn 17 that Webber ran into the back of the Lotus at 300km/h.

Webber’s Red Bull RB6 flipped backwards and landed on it’s wheels only to spear into the tyre wall at top speed.

Fortunately for Webber, the sophisticated design of the car protected him and he walked away un-hurt – albeit with bruised ego.

“I was looking for the best way to get the job done and pass him,” Webber said to the press later, ” He was playing quite hard as well down the inside, blocking all of a sudden very aggressively. I was surprised how early he braked, that’s the thing which caught me out.”

As expected, Kovalainen had a slightly different view: “We were racing for position so I was always going to defend. I didn’t do anything wrong. I think he missed his braking point and he ran into me at a very bad angle and his front tyre hit my right rear and he took off.”

Despite Webber’s run of bad luck, this is the nature of motorsport and drivers understand that ill feelings don’t serve either of them long term.

” I shook hands with Mark in the medical centre. I’m absolutely fine, and glad Mark is too.”

The 22yr old German, Sebastion Vettel went on to win which means Vettel is now just 12 points behind championship leader Hamilton, who is on 127 points.


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