Pic of the Day; Li Ling Ling Appears OnCover of Edition 91 – The Sexy Bikini Edition


    –  Appearing in Edition 91 – The Sexy Bikini Edition 

– Li Ling Ling  –
Li Ling Ling ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 91

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Li Ling Ling


Country of Origin

Career Highlight
Being a Freelance Public Relations Consultant, Working at Hooters Singapore and earning the title of Asian Hooters and enjoying being a model.

Favorite Car
I do like Mr Bean’s car a lot (British Leyland Mini 1000). It is small and easy to control for those with poor driving skills like me!

Best travel location 
I love Phuket. Especially the night life and the beaches! I can’t wait to return after restrictions lift!

Biggest Turn-On
I love to be pinned down and dominated by a guy! I am powerless if he kisses me .. anywhere!

Intelligent MEn!

Cheats and Fakes!

Greatest Ambition
To be successful at modelling and to launch a successful website so that all fans can stay in touch!

Appears in
Feature Girl in Edition 57 & Edition 66 and Covergirl in Edition 91

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