Pic Of The Day: Erna Gunnthorsdottir !

    –  Appearing in Edition 44 – The World Swimsuit Edition 

– Erna Gunnthorsdottir –
Bathing in History ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 44

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Erna Gunnthorsdottir


Country of Origin

Career Highlight
Being published in Europe, USA and well now Australia with autobabes.com.au …

First Car
Ford Probe V6 ________________

Favourite Car 
A McLaren F1 !! I hate Rowan Atkinson for crashing his ! What was he thinking! Or not thinking… if I would ruin a car like that I would never get over it

Biggest Turn-On
I’m not really that romantic & get embarrassed by emotional moments; Icelandic people are like that. It’s not in our culture to wear our emotions on our sleeve. I like when my fiancé just hugs me or holds my hand when I’m not expecting it or looks at me with in a certain way- something simple like that.

Exercising, studying (I’m an honor student), chocolate, history, archaeology, art, photo editing, cars

Shopping, arrogance, flying and envy

Greatest Ambition
To be the best person I can be, a great nurse and would like to be in playboy 🙂

Appears in
Edition 44, Feature Girl


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