Miss SummerNats 2006 Winner ; AutoBabes’ Bree !

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AutoBabes Cover Girl, Bree, won the title of Miss Summernats 2006 in Canberra on the annual gathering of one of the country’s largest motorsport events!From a selection of some of the best models in the industry, Bree entered the finals to cheers of fans in the crowd and approval from the judges!Plenty of Autobabes readers and fans were on hand to cheer as well and to ensure that their newest favorite cover girl, got through and won the title.”It’s just so exciting and I am very grateful to all my supporters and fans”, said Bree.

“I’ve been so lucky lately with competitions wins and appearances on many places that have helped to promote me. A special thanx to AutoBabes.com.au for recent promotion, cover and publicity!”

Bree is very welcome, but she put in the effort and work and deserves her prizes!

As a double treat for us, Bree accepted her title from previous Miss Summernats 2005, and special AutoBabes girl, Tanya Lazarou!

“It was so great to carry the title for 2005 and I’m very pleased to be handing over the crown to Bree for this year!”, said Tanya graciously.

Both girls mention that key to their success both here and on other platforms, is to find a channel for positive promotion and stick to it!

To both girls, our congrats!


Miss Summernats 2006


Tanya Lazarou:
Miss Summernats 2005

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