MELBAS SET for party of the GOLD COAST 600 week with the glam models !

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Melbas on the Park at Surfers Paradise is the place to be for the Gold Coast 600 !

One of the premier night clubs of the Gold Coast is already in the heart of a party week in celebration of the Gold Coast 600 (ex Indy) !

The party week began on Thursday last week and the club is certainly pumping the Surfers Paradise Strip that links Surfers and the Gold Coast ! 

But the pinnacle of Melbas 4 Day GC600 Party week, is Saturday the 23rd October with special guests, The AUTOBABES.COM.AU GLAM MODELS !!

Patrons attending will experience genuine Motorsport Glamour, in Melbas’ new Million Dollar surroundings, sensational Sound and Dance stages, at what is, and has been, the most exciting night club on the coast for a long time!

Present will be over 20 of the most glamorous AUTOBABES on the East Coast ! 

In lead is the ever beautiful Zilda Williams, who has flown from Sydney especially for the event, and Christie-Lee Sharpe our gorgeous Edition 20 Cover Model. 

Gemma Kelly also adds her own gorgeous flavour to our glamour team, that includes 17 other Goldie Beauties ! 

“We’re very excited to have the autobabes girls here tonight’, said Tony Rigas, Manager of Melbas’, “… and all the club staff have been looking forward to this for a long time!” 

“Melbas has always been very supportive of Australian motorsport and especially the Indy in the past, so any event that celebrates that lifestyle is welcome here!” is also pleased to be at Melbas and all the girls are excited to be part of the celebrations there tonight! 

In addition to the girls adding their glamour presence, we will also debut the new single “Mesmerized” by Suzie Del Vecchio, hot talent from the USA. This single is a hit in the US and Europe and we’ll be testing the Australian market as well. 

There will be give-aways tonight, in the form of t-shirts and drinks, and press photographers ensuring that all the fun is captured and distributed globally and in local press!  

These will be published in November in Edition 34 as well and through the website –  

This will be THE party to attend during the 2010 Gold Coast 600 weekend, be sure you are part of the action !

Visit or for more information. Tickets available at Melbas’ door.


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