McLaren F1 makes a rare appearance in London, as rare as the car itself is.

The McLaren F1 is a very rare piece of machinery and even more so given that it dates to the 1990’s.

The fact remains however, that even today, it still holds the record as the fastest production car powered only by a naturally aspirated engine. Forced Induction is a very popular – and credible – source of power that means it’s likely the McLaren F1 will hold the title.

What makes this particular McLaren even more special and rarer because it is a race derivative GT, and if that isn’t rare enough, this particular one has been converted for street use by British automotive custom shop, Lanzite.

McLaren only made a total of 28 GTRs but only 10 were built in the later Longtail specification. But this one found its way to the streets of London. The road-legal F1 GTR Longtail looks totally out of place in the big city, given that we’re used to seeing these in the racetrack, however the famous three-seater race car not only looks different, but also sounds it with its loud motor! Looking impractical for the narrow city streets, and with extremely limited ground clearance, the car looks amazing regardless, even with the rear license plate which covers some rear detail.



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