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The LeaveOn Revolution !

 Travelling is a great thing to do when you can ! And with this wonderful world that we live in and all it has to offer, who would not take up the opportunity to travel whenever and where ever you could !?

The problem though, is that with work commitments and the chores of everyday life, we don’t often get to travel as often as we’d like. So when we do, wouldn’t it be great if you could leave a marker for your friends to find when they visit the place you happen to be in ? Just to make sure they don’t miss a great site, or a hidden pathway or even a road less travelled ?

Well now you can !

Thanx to the great folks at UnitStyle who have developed an i-phone app by the name of LeaveOn !

LeaveOn is a purpose developed i-Phone app, that allows you to leave a virtual place marker, love note, description or message to either a personal friend or a public group to see when they enter that specific geographic location.

Available for FREE through the i-Tunes stores, LeaveOn is a social app that runs on your i-Phone or i-Pad and allows you to invite friends for the purpose of sharing location specific notes and messages.

I’m sure we’ve all carved our name on a tree trunk, or carved a love note on the same tree or maybe even tied a yellow ribbon around one – Ok maybe not the yellow ribbon – but we’ve certainly left messages behind for someone, or everyone to find !

Now you can do all that, without defacing any property, trees or risking that message being washed away or grown out of !

Further, LeaveOn let’s you decide if that message should be seen by the public or by a private recipient.

These messages, referred to as `Balloons’, because the developers vision was for balloons with messages on them to be planted in various locations, will remain in the spot they’ve been dropped in forever ! Or at least until you decide to delete it !

When your friends enter that proximity, and have the app installed in their mobile device, they will receive a notification that a balloon exists for them to view at that spot.

They then enter the application and view the message which can be a simple text message, a picture or both in one !

The way the application works of course, is to make use of the location services feature of the devices, and the GPS network around the world to determine where you are and where the balloon will be dropped.

It’s amazing the level of accuracy that can be provided with good GPS and this application. For example, you could be in a shopping mall and want to make a recommendation of a coffee shop to a friend. You could place a balloon at the entry of one and perhaps a further balloon at a particular table that you would like to guide your friend towards.

You could map out directions at certain intervals to leave a path for a friend to find a special landmark or to trace your steps towards a different destination.

I wonder if someone could even propose to their prospective bride by leading her towards a particular spot via a series of balloons ?!

Possible ? Yes. Romantic ? That’s indeed in the eyes of the beholder !

But it could be done !

As mentioned before, the beauty of the LeaveOn app, is that it allows you to determine if the balloon and message that you wish to leave behind is private or public.

In fact, if you do decide to delete the message after a while, the application allows you to do that also without being in the proximity of where it was dropped.
One thing we’ve noticed here at autobabes i-Magazine, is that sometimes the models don’t always follow directions very well to get to a photo shoot .. sorry girls.

A solution may very well be balloons dropped by the photographer ahead of time at a certain spot to act as a place holder or marker with a message or directions.

Alternatively, the model may choose to leave a photo of herself at that location where the shoot took place for the public to see when they enter that location. A little bit of self promotion for celebrity perhaps!

In fact a business may also decide to use the feature to advertise their specials as customers walk by.

Of course that will require time to grow the network, but as with all social apps, it doesn’t take long to accumulate a network large enough to make this viable.

The great thing about LeaveOn also, is that the developers at UnitStyle really took some time in developing an interface that is intuitive, clean and really easy to use.

LeaveOn is an innovative and fresh new idea, that make excellent use of social networking and I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook picks up LeaveOn to integrate with their check-In function.

Check out the great video here also for more info !


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