Lauren Eagle Pleads Guilty to Drink Driving

Edition 18 cover girl and model turned boxer, Lauryn Eagle unfortunately got herself into some trouble at her home suburb Bondi in August

After successfully beating her conviction for driving under the influence of drug methamphetamine a month earlier, which she argued was due to her ADHD medication, Lauren was charged with drink driving.

Lauren is reported by the attending Police to have been in “such a physically incoherent state she was unable to wind her window down or open the door of her vehicle”

At the court, Lauren remained quiet as the Police gave evidence that “Her makeup was strewn over her face, her hair was messy, she had reddened eyes and smelt strongly of intoxicating liquor,”

Police evidence continued that on arrest, she had said; “please, please don’t f— me over, let me go just this once, let me go don’t arrest me,”

Police asked her about eight times to take a breath test and she continually refused, saying “no please don’t do this, yes I’ve been drinking don’t test me, please help me, the cops f—– me over last time, please.”

It was also reported that it took 5 police officers to handcuff and place Lauren in the back of their car.

Lauren appeared in Waverley Local Court this morning to enter a plea of Guilty. Her appearance was more professional and subdued, dressed in full suit, well groomed and totally composed.

Lauren’s legal representative told the judge that she had been undergoing counselling, that she had completed a traffic offenders rehabilitation program and that she was on the way to positive recovery.

Judge Lisa Stapleton seemed comfortable that Lauren was on the road to rehabilitation and that her behaviour on the night was “not within her personal set of values”. The judge seemed intimately aware of the type of counselling that Lauren had been receiving.

Lauren was subsequently issued a $500 fine and a customary 12 month suspension of her driver’s licence, and a parallel good behaviour bond for the same duration.

We agree this is not in character for our covergirl, and although we are not in regular contact, we know that she must be going through something quite serious to be in that state. We know that if that is true, whatever the issue is, she will be victorious and return to her natural self as an inspirational sports star and model to younger girls. This is simply another bout that although not in the ring, will be just as courageous a story as any that she has battled in the ring.


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