Jamie Whincup fined $3,000 for doing a Burnout at the Melbourne F1GP


It may be the way Aussie race drivers celebrate their wins, and it may be great entertainment for the spectators at those races, however it was illegal at the F1 GP as Jamie Whincup discovered!

The 6 times series champion had to wear a $3,000 fine for being in breach of `End of Race Procedures’ when he did a celebratory burn-out post his win at the Australian Formula One Grand Prix in Albert Park on Saturday.

A spokesperson for the AF1GP said that the drivers were told not to perform burnouts at the Non-Championship event so that the track remained free of debris and the surface remained non slippery for the main F1GP event.

Whincup either didn’t get the memo or decided to be a little bit of a rebel. Either way, his un-leashing of the Holden horsepower outside turn 15 has set his race winnings for this season back by $3k. Perhaps he could claim that back from Red Bull Racing as advertising .. 🙂


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