Is the Buick Avista Holden’s response to the Ford Mustang ?


As everyone now knows, the new generation Ford Mustang is hugely popular all over the world. Especially in Australia where it replaces the iconic Ford Falcon, the 2016 Mustang is a huge success with long waiting lists. In fact, even pre-empting that, the SEMA show did show signs of coming glory days for the Mustang with awards and praise for design, performance and value for money.

With Ford’s success in Australia in replacing the Falcon, and with an understanding that both Ford and Holden would be keen to maintain the rivalry that Falcon vs Commodore / Monaro shared, attention turns to Holden for their response.

Enter the Buick Avista!

Now in this modern age of Global Distribution and Centralized Manufacturing, the Avista will also be an Opel Calibra and in Australia’s case, it could be a Holden Monaro.  This will depend more on the round logo in the grille of the car rather than your viewing angle as this will otherwise be the same car.

So the Falcon vs Commodore rivalry is set to evolve into perhaps Mustang vs whatever the Avista will be called in Australia – noting that the Camaro is still a few years away from being imported to Australia.

Whereas the Ford Mustang maintains the US style of powerhouse V8’s though, the Buick Avista comes to us with a V6 Turbo engine. However, that engine does put out a V8-like 300kw’s and does drive rear wheels which is much preferred for performance cars in Australia.

Holden is yet to confirm what the Avista will be called, however we do know that it is part of Holden’s roll-out of 24 new models globally by the year 2020.

It’s such a shame that Holden has no plans to send the iconic Chevrolet Corvette to Australia as that is the natural nemesis to the Ford Mustang and has been since the 1950’s!






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