Ford Mustangs Stampede into Australia, but Sold Out for 12 Months!


They’re finally here .. but they’re already gone ! Yep, all 4,000 of the first Ford Mustangs, specially built Right hand Drive for Australia are Sold Out before they’re even test driven or driven at all!

The cars docked in Melbourne yesterday and are due for delivery to the first batch owners prior to XMas. 173 cars arrived in the first set and a further 327 or so in the next week to total 500 parked under XMas trees.

The Mustang of course replaces the ford Falcon which runs out of production in 2016 after being an Aussie icon for 65 yrs. This response to the Mustang by Australia is therefore a delight to Executives at FORD Detroit who invested in a new tool set to convert the cars to right hand drive direct from factory for the first time in the Mustang’s 50 yr history.

Previous Mustangs entering Australia (from 1960 through to early 2000’s) were converted by Ford locally and later by Tickford (Ford Australia’s Performance Department which was replaced by Ford Performance Vehicles – FPV).

90% of the cars sold have been for the V8 version with the remainder for the 4 cylinder turbo. At a top end price for the V8 being $AUD65k, it is certainly affordable modern muscle that comes in around $20k cheaper than the High Performance GT Falcon it replaces.

A close eye on may be prudent over the next few months as some may have been bought by opportunity seeking entrepreneurs.


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