#BATTLEDRIFT – Ford Mustang vs. Lamborghini Murciélago

Who said a 2016 Ford Mustang can’t Drift ??!!


For that matter, who said a Lambo can’t Drift ??!!

These are relatively heavy cars, by comparison to normal Rally and Drift vehicles! Also two cars with super power that one would think would be almost impossible to contain with such control required to hold a drift and not break loose into endless over steer spiral.

Yet the mastery of the drivers – Vaughn Gittin Jr in his 5.0ltr 550Hp Mustang and Daigo Saito’s 6.2Ltr V-12 650Hp Lamborghini – and the mastery of each car’s dynamics proves that it can be done.

Just as it was proved wrong that `White Men Can’t Jump’, so too that these mega Supercars can’t drift!

Check all the action on location in an abandoned Russian village!

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You can read more on Daigo Saito and his JZX100 in article from drifted.com HERE.

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