Herrod Performance to Export Scott McLaughlin Signature Mustangs to New Zealand

Herrod Performance to Export SM17 Supercharged Mustangs from 2021

Melbourne-based tuning house Herrod Performance is about to begin exporting a special supercharged edition of the Ford Mustang built in honour of three-times Australian Supercars champion, New Zealander Scott McLaughlin.

As we learned at the end of the 2020 Supercars Season, Scott McLoughlin took up an opportunity to race in the IndyCar racing series for Team Penske in USA. However, given his success at winning 3 consecutive Supercars Championships, Herrod Motorsports have created a limited run of road registered, supercharged Mustangs that carry his initials.

The modified Mustang series is powered by a supercharged V8 with an output of 578kW and torque measurement of 810Nm. The car also carries upgrades to suspension and aerodynamics in order to better balance the additional power and a unique badge that includes Scott’s initials and the number of his winning Supercar.

Given that the car is built after market and you need to purchase a base mustang from a regular dealer before taking it to Herrod for the upgrades, the car will not be sold in Ford dealerships in New Zealand. Just like other tuning shops and custom vehicles, Herrod will build these on demand until the allocated limited number is met.

Interestingly, at around 780Hp, Scotty’s Herrod Signature Mustang actually has more power than the #17 Mustang he drove for DJR Team Penske which made around 600Hp. The limited edition road car is expected to land in New Zealand at around $NZ150,000 ($A141,000).

Rob Herrod from Herrod Performance has built one SM17 porotype to demonstrate the series (see photos below), and plans production to commence from January 2021 with export expectations to be two months later.

Ford NZ managing director Simon Rutherford told Autocar New Zealand:

“We think it’s important … because Scott McLaughlin has a fanbase here for obvious reasons. It would be a shame not to support customers who want that option.”

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