Head Gas Monkey Richard Rawlings Bangs a Dodge HellCat at Roadkill Nights Drag Race

If you’re a fan and viewer of the gang at Gas Monkey Garage, then you’d know they love a good burnout!

How do you know ?

Because that’s all they seem to do!

Well, true to form, head Gas Monkey and host of Discovery Channel’s TV Show “Fast n’ Loud”, Richard Rawlings put on quite the burnout when he lined up against Drag Racer Leah Pritchett at the drag strip of Roadkill Nights 2018!

He was behind the wheel of a 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger HellCat after all, so it certainly wasn’t a hard thing to do but that he did anyway.

Now I know what you’re saying ;

” … you’re supposed to do that to warm up the tires!”

Well yes, but usually you give it a burst and then stop once the tires are warm as the primary goal of the burnout is to GAIN TRACTION not LOSE it when the green light goes!

In this case, it seemed the spectacle was more important to Rawlings as there seems no other more sensible answer as to why he’d continue smoking when the signal changed to GO! Unless he knew he was beat and decided to throw the race via smoked spectacle.

Net result; Front Fender, and Read Guard .. meet the Drag Strip Wall!

As the GO signal dropped, Rawlings dropped the total power load of the HellCat to smoke the rear tires into a standing Smoke Show.

As the tires melted, and traction started, there was slow forward movement which sent the black dodge sideways. In a poor attempt to recover, Rawlings oversteers and sends the black Dodge into the concrete safety barrier.

Needless to say, Pritchett soared to an easy and clear win!

She’s quoted on the video as saying …

” I’ve never gone down the return route while the other competitor is still on the race track !”

And the pic below captures the moment ; the faces on each say it all 🙂

Here’s the full video;

Testament to both car and Rawlings though, they both seemed to come out of it Ok; the SRT HellCat panels require a little attention, and Rawlings’ ego perhaps a little more .

Better luck next time …


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