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Relations between Red Bull teammates Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel sank to a new low when a key team boss backed the young German after he had wrecked Webber’s bid for a third straight Formula One victory.

The pair blamed each other as Vettel, running behind the Australian, who had been race leader from the start of the Turkish Grand Prix, attempted a rash overtaking move which sent both spinning off.

The disastrous episode, which Webber said the two would disagree on “until we go to our graves” left McLaren with an easy one-two, Lewis Hamilton winning from teammate Jenson Button.

It put Vettel out of the race but Webber quickly pitted to repair some damage and went on to finish third.

The crash on the 41st lap was shrouded in confusion, but Vettel pulled out to pass Webber on the inside and as he was marginally ahead turned right to get a line into the looming corner, slamming into Webber.

Webber is now outright leader of the F1 championship on 93 points from Button on 88. Vettel has 78 points.

Tension within the team, however, is rising after Red Bull motorsport adviser Helmut Marko backed Vettel’s risky move.

“He had to attack (Webber) otherwise he would have got overtaken by Hamilton (who was in third place),” Marko said.

“He (Vettel) was already ahead, at least two metres ahead, and there was a corner to the left side coming so he had to go for the line.”

Hamilton, close behind, had a different view, backing Webber.

“I just saw Seb go up the inside,” Hamilton said.

“Mark held his line and had no room to move right, and there was no reason for Seb to move to the right.

“It was unfortunate for them and fortunate for us.”

Vettel, who made a twirling gesture with his fingers as he walked away from the wreck, indicating Webber was crazy, said he was clearly in the right.

“I was on the inside going into the corner. I was there, I was ahead and focusing on the braking point when we touched. Mark’s car hit my rear wheel and I went off, there’s not much more to say.”

Webber, who was in a slower, fuel-saving mode, said: “I am very comfortable with my side of things.”

“I saw Sebastian coming down my inside so I stayed tight because I wanted him to be on the dirty stuff as we approached the braking area.

“I held my line and he moved across on me – there wasn’t much contact but you don’t need much at 300km/h,” he said.

Webber was convinced he could have taken a hat-trick of wins, following his last two victories in Spain and Monaco, had Vettel not intervened.

“There were still 17 laps to go at the time of the accident but I’m confident that I could have won this race,” Webber said.

“Seb and I have to sit down and chat about what happened.

“We’ll probably have a difference of opinion about what happened until we go to our graves, but we’re both adults and we need to press on.”


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